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Dracco Heads (1st Edition) Rarity Levels

Ultra Rare Dracco Heads
No. 1 - Dracco
No. 2 - The Pirate
No. 4 - Magic
No. 6 - The Majesty
No. 20 - The Princess
No. 26 - The Princess Of The Dark
No. 34 - Jumper
No. 38 - Gizmo
Rare Dracco Heads
No. 3 - Hot Lips
No. 10 - Evil Eyes
No. 12 - Doll
No. 21 - Ice Man
No. 23 - Diablo
No. 25 - Shuffle
No. 37 - Long Legs
No. 30 - Bonehead
Common Dracco Heads
No. 5 - Wise Guy
No. 7 - Alien
No. 8 - Joker
No. 9 - Baby Face
No. 11 - Shark
No. 13 - Smiley
No. 14 - The Mexican
No. 15 - Ghost
No. 16 - Walnut
No. 17 - Sam
No. 18 - The Mask
No. 19 - Unicorn
No. 22 - Mr. Muscle
No. 24 - Cactus
No. 27 - Banana
No. 28 - Bubble
No. 29 - Calvin
No. 31 - Shadow
No. 32 - The Spy
No. 33 - Gossip
No. 35 - Scary
No. 36 - One Eyed Jack
No. 39 - Blue Eyes
No. 40 - Grumble

Dracco Heads Photo's And Bio's

 #1 - Dracco
Dracco is the funniest one and a real daredevil. When you've got him then you can be sure that in the street something amusing will happen. Make sure though that he behaves!
 #2 - The Pirate
The Pirate has traveled the world on his pirate's ship. He has always a good adventure story to tell. Together with him you will never get bored.
 #3 - Hot Lips
All Dracco Heads fancy Hot Lips as she has such beautiful red lips. When she wants to, she can get even the strongest man feeling weak in the knees. With her you will also become irresitsible.
 #4 - Magic
Magic can do magic tricks and is therefore indespensable.
 #5 - Wise Guy
Wise Guy is the smartest of the group. He doesn't ask questions he cannot answer, and the others in the group always ask Wise Guy for advise.
 #6 - The Majesty
The Majesty is the chief of the group. Everyone bows when they meet the majesty, and they look up to her, because she is a great leader. She is a rarity, so take good care of her when you find her.
 #7 - Alien
Alien looks like somebody from another planet. The other Dracco Heads look up to him, because he is different and has hidden talents.
 #8 - Joker
Joker is a fun guy, who always finds a solution. When you have a problem, Joker can help you for sure.
 #9 - Baby Face
Baby Face is similar to a baby and is the darling of all Dracco Heads. He is always standing in the center when he is together with the others. So hold him close to you.
 #10 - Evil Eyes
Evil Eyes has eyes that are feared by everyone. He prefers to hang around in the dark with his large, frightening eyes.
 #11 - Shark
Shark as large teeth like a shark. When he opens his mouth all of his enemies run away.
 #12 - Doll
Doll has a realy lovely face, just like a real doll. When she goes out she is always dressed up. She is realy loved by all of the Dracco guys.
 #13 - Smiley
Smiley has the loveliest smile in the world. You will always feel good when you and Smiley are together.
 #14 - The Mexican
The Mexican takes a good rest, and if you leave him in peace he could sleep all day. If you are tired, have a relaxing day with The Mexican.

 #15 - Ghost
Ghost can be invisible and fly without a sound through walls and doors. Ghost is a friendly ghost and will help you with everything.
#16 - Walnut
Walnut looks original and is similar to a walnut. Even the most unsolvable riddles hhe can crack. Let him help you with your tasks.
 #17 - Sam
Sam is a really fun guy and friends with all the Dracco Heads. Everyone succumbs to his charm. Stay really close to him and you won't get bored. 
 #18 - The Mask
Mask can change masks with lightning speed. None of the other Dracco Heads has ever seen his true face. If you like the secrative then stay close near Mask.
 #19 - Unicorn
Unicorn has a horn on his forehead and is a real unicorn. Unicorn is a daydreamer and is full of imagination.
 #20 - Princess
The Princess is the daughter of The Majesty and irriesistible, but alos untouchable, because she has to marry a real prince.
 #21 - Iceman
Iceman ha a poker face and it doesn't show anything. You never know if he is bluffing. He is ice cold and tough.
 #22 - Mr. Muscle
Mr. Muscle is the biggest bundle of muscles in the group. The large muscles, which are as strong as concrete, makes his torso almost burst open. You are never in danger when you are together with Mt. Muscle.
 #23 - Diablo
Diablo is a sly guys. Be careful when he tells you something, mabey he wants to lead you astray.
 #24 - Cactus
Cactus looks like a cactus and his needles hurt you when you touch him. Cactus always has good ideas and can help you with a difficult task.
 #25 - Shuffle
Shuffle likes really to play game of chance. He always wants to bet and knows tricks. He wins most of the times when he is playing cards and betting. He can help you with some cunning tricks.
#26 - Princess Of Dark
The Princess of the Dark: All Dracco Heads admire her, because she is very mysterious and full of riddles.
 #27 - Banana
The Banana looks like a banana and is one of the funniest guy in the group. He is really fun loving, and you are always happy when you are with him.
 #28 - Bubble
When Bubble was small, he drank a bottle of washing-up liguid. When he speaks the words come out in soap bubbles. Stick a hole in the bubble and hear what he is saying.
 #29 - Calvin
Calvin is the coolest guy in the group. He never says no to a challenge, and when he is on your side, you seldom lose a game or fight.
 #30 - Bonehead
Bonehead has a funny face, that looks a bit like a skull. He is the oldest in the group and therefore the other Dracco Heads look up to him. He has tried everything and when he is on your side he will help you with his great exserience.
 #31 - Shadow
Shadow is a girl with many surprises. She has two shadows, in the day and at night. To the other Dracco Heads, she is a mystery.
 #32 - The Spy
The Spy is a cunning fellow, who always knows what to do. He sloves, by himself, the most difficult secrets and finds the needle in the haystack. The Spy helps you. 
 #33 - Gossip
Gossip talks from getting up to going to sleep. She knows about everything. If in doubt, ask her.
#34 - Jumper
Jumper jumps higher and runs faster than all the other Dracco Heads. She is a real super athlete and helps you to become a real sport star.
 #35 - Scary
Everybody is afraid of Scarry. The other's hairs dowles when he appears. He loves to scare them; so be alert when your around him.
 #36 - One Eyed Jack
One Eyed Jack has in the middle of his head one large eye and he sees everything that's happening. One Eyed Jack is there for you and always on the lookout if he is on your side.
 #37 - Long Legs
Long Legs has very long legs and she is taller than all the others. She is cleaver and very skilled.
 #38 - Gizmo
Gizmo is like a tornado when he moves. He is fast as lightning, hang on to him, if you can.
 #39 - Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes has the prettiest, most beautiful eyes. All Dracco Heads are crazy about Blue Eyes and they will do everything to catch their attention.
 #40 - Grumble
Grumble always grumble. He is a lttle hot headed, be careful not to get too annoyed with him.

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