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Why wasn't Xinox Trading A/S (Xinox Danmark A/S)

Posted on May 28, 2009 at 8:31 AM

First i would like to talk about a Company that wasn't ever mentioned about the original Chaotic. This was a major company that was involved in the production of the some of the Chaotic Now Or Never Merchandise.

The company is called "Xinox Trading A/S" or "Xinox A/S Danmark". They, for starters, produced the original "Chaotic: Now Or Never! Rule Booklet", which came equipped with a 4 Page Chart of the original 80 Creatures, the original design of the 2 Human Characters, Tom and Kazdan, plus the 83rd card known as "The ChaosRock". The creatures had their own stats below their images (Spells, Power, Wisdom, Speed, and Courage). There was also a 4 Page Section which had all of the Locations which came with their own background story. As well as a 2 Page Chart of the Weapons Cards. Their original website ( no longer exists. Dracco Scandinavia A / S with secondary name Xinox Denmark A / S (Dracco Scandinavia A / S) were actually in a Case regarding Dracco Companies original URL known as . In fact if you type that URL in you will automatically be redirected to the Dracco Company Website. If you go to and type those URL in you can see what is left of the original site. But actually its pointless. I cannot post the entire Article regarding the Case because it is so long but some of it is somewhat worth reading but not much of it is. But if anyone who would like to read it E-mail me and I'll send the translated version to you. But, for the most part, I don't really think its that well worth the read. Currently I can only find the given info above online. But Xinox Trading A/S has been involved with more than one booklet and case, that much is for sure, but I can't really find much on the topic. My computer is not letting me viewing PDF Files anymore for some reason, and most of the given searches are in PDF so if anyone else has any more info on it regarding Dracco or Chaotic then please send it in. Later I will be posting information on the original creatures from the 1st booster set and the creatures from that booster set who were recreated in the 2nd Booster Set.

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