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Now Or Never Booklet

Posted on June 20, 2009 at 4:59 PM Comments comments (0)

Some of you already know that i have a PDF File of the very first original Now Or Never Rule Book. This booklet contains not only rules of the game but also Images of the original site, game, Creatures, Weapons, and Locations as well as many other things related to the original chaotic.


In Febuary of 2009 i was able to get in contact with the famous Merlin P. Mann. He was involved with the Grolls & Gorks TCG as well as Chaotic: Now Or Never!. His involvement was to work on the storylines and he even helped with some of the creatures and other cards of Chaotic. The PDF File isn't up yet but it will be soon. In a few days or a little bit later. But the PDF File contains tons of information that has helped alot in finding info on the original Chaotic. Merlin P. Mann thank you so much for the PDF File.

In the booklet is the creatures of the first booster set which most were recreations of the Grolls & Gorks/ Dracco Heads 2 Creatures. But then agian this was obvious. However there were some creatures who were later recreated in later booster sets such as Wakko (Now Known As Yokkis), Dakker (Originally known as Spam), Clapper (Now Known As Klasp), and even Takinom, Chaor (original known as Gork) and MadCap (Originally known as Dum Dum).
You can see the pages of the creatures already on the Identified Creatures List page. Enjoy. Also there are images of the first original 16 Locations and the Weapon cards. Most of which resemble creatures or some part of a creature. Those can also be found on the same page closer to the bottom.  Check back regurally, because it willl be up soon.

The Mysterious

Posted on May 31, 2009 at 7:26 AM

There has been tones of info posted on the internet ,mostly by me, of the original Creature, Weapons, and Location cards on my site, and, and some (Not much but some), on, ('s Forum section), and many other forum sites, But the one card that wasn't really known about in the original tcg was a spacific crd only re-descovered about a few months ago, it was called the "Mystic Card". Now i don't want to compare it to the "Mugicians Arch Card" but its the closest relation in the present tcg to this one card. For those of you who don't know, the Mugicians Arch cards were put in the Rise Of Oligarch booster sets and starter decks. but not many people can get these and some have even resulted to going to e-bay to get them. Some even costing up to hundreds of dollars. But these Mugicians Arch cards are very rare and the unique codes found on these cards. The point of those cards was to upload them onto the Flash Animated Site for the Mugician's Arch Rebuild The Destroyed Location game. When you upload the code the persentage on the screen goes up. When the meter hits 100% then those who submited the code will get a fantastic prize the others who didn't get a penaty prize. However the thing with the "Mystic Cards" isn't actually known. Now, the thing that can only be assumed at the moment about the "Mystic Cards" is the following. And it is the most likely answer. Now, i will give an image, but first let me explain. On the card the words "UPLOAD TO UNLEASE THE POWER!" is found right under the big Yellow word in the big box that says "Mystic". This cards rarity is classified as "Rarity Unknown". Which is completely different from all the other cards because the Rarity of the creature, weapons, and locations are classified under 3 Rarity types.

3 - For Common
2 - For Supper Rare
1 - For Ultra Rare (The words Ultra Rare form a ring around the #1 Plus the Ultra Rares are currently the only ones found with Hollow-graphic Film over the top (Examples: Tom, Kazdan, MadCap, Chaor, The ChaosRock))

Now the theories are the following. The Rarity Unknown part hints that it is a Mystery Card, plus the "UPLOAD TO UNLEASH THE POWER" Hints that once the card has been uploaded to the site, that you will be reward with either a Creature, Weapon, Location, or possibly the Ultra Rare card "The ChaosRock".

Now this isn't yet known because for starters the old site no longer exists, the card upload portian doesn't work on the archived part of the site on anymore, and no one seems to know the answer to this yet. But so far we can only go on that theory. Any more questions or comments on this can be posted in the forums. Later i will talk about the original Tribes.

Since This Blog Portion Of Website Doesn't Yet Allow The Submition Of Images So, I'm Having To Use A Direct Link. Anyways Here You Guys Go.


"The Mystic Card" Photo, Clear enough to see.

Why wasn't Xinox Trading A/S (Xinox Danmark A/S)

Posted on May 28, 2009 at 8:31 AM Comments comments (0)

First i would like to talk about a Company that wasn't ever mentioned about the original Chaotic. This was a major company that was involved in the production of the some of the Chaotic Now Or Never Merchandise.

The company is called "Xinox Trading A/S" or "Xinox A/S Danmark". They, for starters, produced the original "Chaotic: Now Or Never! Rule Booklet", which came equipped with a 4 Page Chart of the original 80 Creatures, the original design of the 2 Human Characters, Tom and Kazdan, plus the 83rd card known as "The ChaosRock". The creatures had their own stats below their images (Spells, Power, Wisdom, Speed, and Courage). There was also a 4 Page Section which had all of the Locations which came with their own background story. As well as a 2 Page Chart of the Weapons Cards. Their original website ( no longer exists. Dracco Scandinavia A / S with secondary name Xinox Denmark A / S (Dracco Scandinavia A / S) were actually in a Case regarding Dracco Companies original URL known as . In fact if you type that URL in you will automatically be redirected to the Dracco Company Website. If you go to and type those URL in you can see what is left of the original site. But actually its pointless. I cannot post the entire Article regarding the Case because it is so long but some of it is somewhat worth reading but not much of it is. But if anyone who would like to read it E-mail me and I'll send the translated version to you. But, for the most part, I don't really think its that well worth the read. Currently I can only find the given info above online. But Xinox Trading A/S has been involved with more than one booklet and case, that much is for sure, but I can't really find much on the topic. My computer is not letting me viewing PDF Files anymore for some reason, and most of the given searches are in PDF so if anyone else has any more info on it regarding Dracco or Chaotic then please send it in. Later I will be posting information on the original creatures from the 1st booster set and the creatures from that booster set who were recreated in the 2nd Booster Set.