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Translated with images of Creatures, Locations, Weapons, and more.

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Page 1: Book Cover (very Cool Looking)
Page 2: Original Storyline (You can read that in the forum section)
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Go to and join in the many games and contests. You can upload your Game Cards by entering codes from scratch cards in on the website. There are virtual versions of the same Game Cards, which you fool by the hand. Here you can be in the 2 huge multi-user games, namely chaotic War Manager and Chaotic Traveler. Your Game Cards are not just ordinary Game Cards, but interactive Power Cards, there is both physical and virtual... it is COOL!

Chaotic War Manager is a war game where you're an army and must fight against others to earn points and thereby lift up the hierarchy... to states as "Soldier", but with luck and the right strategy game, you can fight from league to league and becomes a Warrior, ect. to finally ending up in the selected group of ChaosMasters.

There are prizes for the best in all leagues as a strategy and go into battle... You must use your Game Cards to fight so more game cards are transferred to the Internet, the better equipped you are, when to attack or defend your status in the hierarchy. Your army will be invalidated when you are struggling, remember to always keep a few of your best creatures back if now you are exposed to a surprise attack and to defend you!

Chaotic Traveler is a fantastic treasure hunt in Perim's Universe. You are the protagonist and will be using your acumen and common sense to fight you through the universe to find the magic element, ChaosRock, which has disappeared... While you must solve puzzles, make tough decisions, and perhaps you are to suddenly face to face with delicate missions, you  greatly and hassle in your quest for the ChaosRock. Who will take the ChaosRock?????


Use your mobile phone to Chaotic... you can exchange, capture and store Game Cards, and you can participate in cool mobile games and get the latest news on chaotic.

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Page 4:
Card Game and Disciplines
Each player must have at least one packet passes with creature cards, Location Cards, WeaponCards, SpellCards and DiceCards.
In this picture you can see what the different numbers and teaspoon on your Game Cards means. The aim is to bring together the best army of Game Cards and combine with WeaponCards, Location Cards and Chaos Rocks.
The rare Game Cards have the highest scores in the individual disciplines, as well on their passports!

All shapes have scores of 4 disciplines and may also shed a number of cast spells (Spells). This score is indicated as a number next to the icons that you see in the picture - the higher the score, the stronger a warrior.
On page 12 you can see the different spells that exist. A spell can often do damage to a selected picture in one of the disciplines which the attacker can choose. It is important to be tactical and cast spells at the right times and hurt the opponent's characters as much as possible.
Do you have a Basic Deck you can use a chaotic-cube instead of DiceCards. The color indicates the discipline and the numbers correspond to Roll-fields on DiceCards.

Page 5: Before Game Starts

The Chaotic card game is played by 2 participants, both are to make an army of creatures and set them up in a pyramid-shaped format, as shown in the diagram. You can start playing with a few cards, such as 3 or 6 paragraphs, and then expand the game by putting 4 cards in front of the 3, 5 cards in front of the 4 ect and thus create larger armies. Both participants must have the same number of cards in their armies. Some Game Cards are rarer than others - the most rare is usually also the best in the game.
Place your Chaos Rocks behind the army - the more you have, the better.
Now select the Location Cards, you want to use in battle - max. You can only have 10, max. 5 of a kind locations - each player now shuffles these cards and put the deck on the right side of his or her army with their backs up (Face Down).
Now equip your armies with weapons - you can read more about this at the bottom of the page. Each figure can only carry one weapon each in the game.

This is how you fight

1. Draw let on who starts to attack.

2. The starting player must now draw a Location Card from his or her deck to see how the fight will take place.

3. Then scrape, a Discipline field on Dice Card to see the discipline that must be fought in (Wisdom, Power, Courage, Speed). User in a cube, it is determined to see what color that is facing up at the dice-roll (Red color is Courage, etc.).

4. The starting player now chooses the Game Card from the front row that they wish to attack with and what Game Card from your opponent's front row, he / she will fight against.

5. Duel: Now the fight begins and the attacker begins to scratch the Roll box on his / her Dice Card. The result is subtracted from the opponent's discipline score in combat. I now switch to attack until one of the combatants reaches 0 characters of the given discipline, and therefore the creature is destroyed and is removed from the game. The winning creature gets its energy back after each match. User in a cube drawn figure in the same way - ignore the color cube when not in use here, but only when you turn on the discipline that must be fought in. Remember to add energy from Location Cards, Chaos Rocks, etc. before each match, and remember that in order to use Spells if your losing the battle, Each time a character casts a Spell, the reverse of the card for an remember, the figure has spent a spell (called Spell-counts). All characters in your army can throw Spells anytime - even during your opponent's turn.

All points from 1-5 repeated now on tour until one player's army is completely gone.

It is a good idea to have a block beside you, when you play so that you can note the damage that will cast spells on the characters during the fighting. Note that a match is the name of an attack, while a game is the name for a whole game, which consists of many battles.

Weapon Cards

There are 3 categories of weapons, namely:
Ranged [R] - Distance Weapons
Poking [P] - Arms and Connectors
Blunt [B] - Impact Weapons.

The warriors are usually specialists in the use of one or more weapons, then before you fight, is to equip your characters with weapons, they are best to use. Place your Weapon Cards incline of the warrior you want to equip, as shown in the illustration above.

Page 6-7: OverWorld Creatures List
Page 8-9: UnderWorld Creature List plus ChaosRock image.
Page 10-11: Weapon Card List (Most resemble creatures when you zoom in and "Ba-Dazz" is sitting in the "RBG (Really Big Gun) Weapon Card Art)

Page 12: Sample of the Spell Cards.

Spells are cast spells that can be used to injure your opponent or to strengthen yourself in your games. Here you can see the Spells that exist in chaotic.


"Fireblast" = -10 to opponent's creature in an optional discipline for the rest of the match.

"Mega Jolt" = -15 for a creature under opponent's control in an optional discipline for the rest of the match.

"Strength" = A creature under your control have "Power" = 95 the rest of the game.

"Flare" = A creature under your control will have "Speed" = 5 in an optional discipline the rest of the game.

"Teleport" = Turn over a new Location Card.

"Knowledge" = A creature under your control will have "Wisdom" = 95 the rest of the game.

"Shield" = Delete all damage done in one discipline for a creature under your control.

"Stone Smash" = destroy a Chaos Rock with your opponent if he has one or more of the game.

"Lightning reflexes = A creature under your control will have" Speed "= 95 the rest of the game.

"Fizzle" = No effect.

"Slow" Every match pill's creatures have "Speed" -15 the rest of the game.

"Disempower" = A creature under matched control pill's get "Power" = 0 the rest of the game.

"SpellSmash" = Cancels the effect of a spell cast by your opponent.

"Bravery" = A creature under your control will have "Courage" = 95 the rest of the game.

"Intensify Battle" -5 to opponent's creature in an optional discipline the rest of the match.


Page 17:

Win Free Chaotic PRIZES!

Join in the many competitions and events and win lots of prizes.

You can include winning CD players, unique Chaotic sportswear or fat Chaotic sportsur. In the biggest competitions are still fatter prizes for the best - read more about this on the internet.

You can participate in competitions on the Internet and in Chaotic events taking place across the country.

On the Internet there is a Chaotic Game War Manager, where you have to struggle up through the leagues from a Soldier to the Chaos-Master - there are prizes for the best in each league, so it's just getting started. The more points you earn, the higher up in the leagues you will be... so it is important to a good and aggressive attack strategy that allows you to improve your rank and upgraded to top gamer where the coolest prizes are.

The treasure hunt Chaotic Traveler, there are prizes for those adventurers who perform best through the many obstacles that are underway in pursuit of the ChaosRock!!!

Additionally, you can go on the internet watch when a Chaotic Game Master visits your town and organize a Chaotic Competition. Here you must bring your Game Cards and win prizes through the challenge and defeat a Chaotic Game Master. There are diplomas for the best, which gives you access to the large Chaotic Conferences!

Page 18 - 21:
 Location Profile Pages

Draccofalls (OverWorld) - Draccofalls is a gigantic waterfall that falls from OverWorld to the Underworld. In OverWorld is a huge Sunday - Lake Morn - where water falls out in a series of waterfalls. The waterfalls are steep, which becomes longer and longer, in an infinity into the Underworld. There are travelers who have tried to take this path between the two continents, but it is certainly not advisable. The decrease is more than 100 meters deep - so few will be able to survive such a fall.
Crystal Range - The highest mountains in The OverWorld. There are constant amounts of snow and ice-storms. The hills were shaped by the wind through the millennia and now resembling distorted faces in the sky keep. On top of that the wind blows through the top of the mountain range which lies an enormous glacier, The Icy Glacier, where the sky and withdrawn people "The Frozen" live. These strange foxes are among the brightest people across Perim, but always keep to themselves. Trying to win their trust has so far been unsuccessful.
Draccofalls (Underworld) - DraccoFalls - is a gigantic waterfall that falls from the OverWorld to the Underworld. Here in the Underworld the water from the waterfall lands in the a large lake. The cave, which lies in the lake is always full of water vapor by the droplets that fling out of the falling water. Around the lake is a swamp area called Myrtle Marsh, named after the Dragon, Myrtle, who has reportedly been spotted here where Myrtle lives.
Iron Pillar - One of the 8 pillars that hold the top of the Underworld. This pillar is covered with thick iron plates, and seat of a deep mine, which supplies the entire Underworld with metals. Everything from iron to lead and gold Hives out of the depths of this pillar. Among those who are watching everything go right for ourselves is Flazj, a flying UnderWorlder that is almost vampire-like, with his pale skin and his thin leather wings. An unpleasant caretaker who helps till that barely lost anything from the mine - everything that is extracted is used to fight against the OverWorld.
Lake Ken-A-Po - the largest lake in the OverWorld, located in the southwest corner of the continent. Middle of the lake lies the magic island, Ken-i-po. There is a bridge to the island who inhabited by, among other Najarin, Toa-oa, and Muuk-fip. Around the island the water fall to an underground lake, where it lies to rest at a time until it seeps through the stones passed down to the Underworld, where the lake provides water for the area, known as the Ever-rain.
Stronghold of the Lost Hero - What a great place! A true fairy tale castle. This wonderful building is packed with the most water witty inventions - many of them are so amazing that you can not even strive for them, they must simply be experienced! The castle lies in the OverWorld and the being Psycho lives on it. As we know him, he can hardly be "completely lost it" - he is an impractical and absent guy is shown - but he is usually not a hero. Nevertheless, many believe that it is Psycho who has a shadowy existence some quite inventive and here in this absurdly wonderful castle.
Castle Pillar - One of the 8 pillars holding the ceiling up in the Underworld. Castle Pillar is a pillar which has been prepared to withstand even the wildest attacks. Castle Pillar is kept ready to UnderWorlders so they can withdraw in the event that they are losing a battle. Chaor expects to save the ChaosRock here in Castle Pillar when he finds it - it will be almost impossible to win back. A truly impressive defense.
Wooden Pillar - The smallest of the 8 pillars that keeps taking on Underworld from the soil. This natural pillar has been reinforced with a series of defense works in wood, but is otherwise not very useful. It is home to Laxxar14 and Five-eye jack, but most often used to house guests who visit Chaor or other important UnderWorlders. On a day fit Five-eye jack at The Wooden Pillar is not due. He is one of the best craftsmen in the whole chaotic universe and manages to maintain throughout the large building in good condition alone. However, he is quick to grumble about the fact that there are no funds to upgrade the defense works from wood to iron - it will make this column a lot more efficient in case of an invasion.
Castle Bodhran - A large castle in the southern part of the OverWorld. Castle doors open for travelers, and therefore always live through many different travelers. However, there are also some who live there more permanently - including the old ghost Qyrin who lives in the catacombs below the palace. The castle looks very mysterious with its thick stone walls and strange towers, which houses large telescopic lenses. However, it is a relatively safe defense after all.
JinJin Forest - The largest forest in the OverWorld is home to some fantastic creatures, from dangerous living trees to attacking travelers and who can crush them into the wonderful whistling strains: A rare kind of trees are the hollow ones in the middle of the forest and when knowledge gets their beautiful hollow stem. In the largest colonies of flute trees, even a mild breeze filling the air with the most beautiful music. One of the biggest wildcard is Chaotic's - Wakko who lives in a hut here in the JinJin forest.
The Pit - A cheerless hole - or rather a series of holes - in the ground deep in the Underworld. The holes - especially the greatest - used as a prison by the UnderWorld markets. At the bottom of the holes, there is a weird stinky mud mixture, which is good to keep the prisoners down. The only jailer who is affiliated in the prison is Graz - one stinky UnderWorlder that is too dark, even for the other UnderWorlders who probably can handle a little of each. He called a few times for The Pig, because he stinks, and partly because he lives in a mud hole - but it is best not to call him The Pig while he is near. If he discovers it is a danger that till you come to spend a few weeks trapped in the mud at the bottom of The Pit. "
Stone Pillar - Another one of the 8 pillars which ensure that the Underworld does not cave in on the ears of residents. All of this column is constructed of a single stone, unlike all the other pillars are conversions of pillars which stood in natural cavities because Chaor and the others took the Underworld. In this column lives Ørth - the man who is responsible for all design of the times and paths in the Underworld. He has even built this giant pillar and the houses that are around it. Ørth has a magical ability to shape stone and earth and has built this impressive edifice.
Icy Glacier - the absolute coldest area in the Over World - situated on top of the mountain range, called "The Crystal Range" - crystal mountain range. Far up in the sky, we find an old glacier where only the toughest and most stubborn live. Among the stubborn residents is Freez, but among the more robust are the indigenous race of foxes, but the people, the people called "The Frozen" - the frozen. This breed of intelligent creatures led by their female head. Unfortunately, she is not interested in helping either above or below the world in their war - she seems rather as if she believes the two groups of war ridiculous and unnecessary.
Castle of Mommark - This palace is home to one of the most withdrawn OverWorlders namely Mommark. He is a strange genius who lives alone. He proposed thatch looking for the ChaosRock at its very own style - and all alone. Someone says he invented amazing technologies and he has two or three secret servants living with him. But the fact is that everything is rumors: No one knows what really is the reason why Mommark keeps to itself in its hostile appearance slot in The OverWorlds northwestern corner.
Ever-rain - a huge cave in the south of the Underworld. The Cave is just below Lake Ken-a-po in the OverWorld, and therefore constant water seeps down through the ceiling. The name "Ever-rain" means: eternal rainy seat. The floor of the Ever-rain is a cave sprinkled with huge mushrooms and strange plants that thrive in the light of the small luminous insects that are rushed down by the lake water unnecessarily.
The Doors Of The Deep Mines - In the eastern part of the Underworld is a gigantic pair of solid wall in the middle of a gloomy cave full of lava. The door is locked, and it has been longer than anyone can remember. What's behind the doors is one of the greatest mysteries of the Chaotic universe. It is clear that Underworlders have - other than Loco - have tried to elicit from the door, its secrets, but so far they've had no success. Something is in there - you may from time to time hear deep voices and a strange humming deep inside of it...

Page 22 - 23: OverWorld Map
Page 24 - 25: UnderWorld Map

Page 26:


Chaotic Game Pack includes 13 Game Cards, with 2 Spell Cards, and 2 Dice Cards. Each package has both Rare Cards, Uncommon Cards, and Common Cards. In addition, a set of rules where the rules for Card Game is described.


Chaotic Basic Deck contains an entire 54 Game Cards, including 8 Spell Cards and 8 Dice Cards. Moreover, a more comprehensive framework of proposals for a strategy in the Card game. The package also has a cube, you can use instead of Dice Cards, if you play a lot and want to save the cards.

Page 27:


Chaotic Battle Shooters are selected chaotic characters who shoot the Fire Balls - glass beads.
There are lots of games...
Take a Fireball... Load your chaotic Shooter... take aim... and Fire!
Some Shooters shoot straight to the other side and into the air... find your favorites and play with friends.


Using chaotic Fire Balls to your Shooters - there are 80 different glass beads with illustrations of chaotic characters. Some are more rare than others, and you get 10 Fire Balls and a brief overview of each package.


Chaotic Fight Slider sliding along slippery surfaces. Let your Fight Sliders danger on the battlefield by sliding them along the floor or table... if you hit your opponent's figure and knock it over, you have defeated him! There are 12 different Fight sliders - check them out and choose your favorites.

Page 28: Credits and Back Cover (The front cover's artwork is better).

NOTE: Nothing important here, all it says is the following.