The OriginalChaotic TCG

Chaotic: Now Or Never!

Chaotic: Now Or Never! Character Icons

 Tom is a happy, good natured 12-year old who is curious and investigative in
nature.  Tom has enough faith in himself to stand up for what he believes in, but can come across as shy.  In Perim, Tom is never shy.  He feels respected
for what he does and says.  Tom is starting to gain confidence in the real world
because of his victorious adventures in Perim.
Mad Cap and Intress are Tom’s best friends.  Tom is a friend of the
OverWorlders and an enemy of Kazdan, who supports and helps the
UnderWorlders in their quest for the ChaosRock.

 Kazdan is aggressive, destructive and highly methodical.  He is physically strong - but immature.  Kazdan is unable to understand the damage he does,and, at times, can be downright malicious.  He likes the world he lives in and he likes himself the way he is. Kazdan’s best friends are Chaor - the leader of the UnderWorlders, and the young warrior Taki-nom.  Kazdan’s enemies are Tom and the OverWorlders,
who hate the authoritative approach and despotic rule that Kazdan represents.

MadCap is the leader of the OverWorlders - he is funny and crazy, yet disciplined, heroic and intelligent.  MadCap above all wants peace, but is
unfortunately too unfocused to concentrate on that single goal. 
He does, however, realize that the other OverWorlders look up to him for his bravery, magical abilities and strength.  MadCap is constantly arranging adventuring parties to go in search of the ChaosRock.
 Intress is probably the most feminine of the OverWorlders.  Her catlike stature and black suit make her an elegant and stealthy ally.  intress’ specialty is ranged weapons and she favors protective magic.  On one hand, she is highly charismatic and communicative, but can be secretive and reserved.  Her ability to predict and to navigate the opinions and actions of others gives her the upper-hand in critical situations.  Her closest ally is MadCap, with who she forms the perfect team.
 Methodical and ruthless, Chaor is the perfect leader for the UnderWorlders. he is a despotic ruler, a tyrant with brains an an uncontrollable temper. chaor is a strong, brave and wise leader who expects loyalty above and appreciates when his UnderWorlders go into harms way to display bravery and loyalty.  Chaor’s magical powers - the strongest among UnderWorlderare based on fire and power and designed to cause maximum harm.
 Taki-nom is an evil UnderWorlder princess with great oriental magic. Taki-nom’s greatest asset is her ability to dig up information and she is able to travel both in the UnderWorld and the OverWorld, through blackmail, bribery or intelligence.  She enjoys the respect of other
UnderWorlders who gear and admire her ability to influence Chaor’s mood.