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Chaotic: Now Or Never!

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Note: all info and pictures are not mine. i do not own any info or pictures found on the following 7 Subjects below. i posted everything word for  word because the info isn't mine and i don't feel i have the right to change their own work. it was and can be found on the Chaotic: Now Or Never site posted below. i am not making any profit off of any pictures or any info found on the 7 Subjects below. i do not work for the companies that particapated in the creation of Chaotic and the Chaotic: Now Or Never TCG, as well as anything that involes chaotic. This is just a fan site for the original chaotic tcg.

Chaotic: Now Or Never is a tcg game that first started out as Dracco Head, Then Became Grolls-N-Gorks, which then became Chaotic: Now Or Never.i do not know their copywrite laws which is why i am posting this.

i do not work for apex marketing.
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Chaotic: Now Or Never!