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Important Info Regarding Chaotic USA's Chaotic: Now Or Never! Website (There was False Info)

OK, first off, i just want to point out that the ones who created the "Chaotic USA, Chaotic: Now Or Never" Page, changed a lot of things that shouldn't have been changed.
So to clear a few things up, i will tell you all what information they gave us, that was false.

#1 - Ok,  First of all on the website they showed 36 Cards from the original Chaotic.
Now all though the Creatures images were real, the cards
design themselves wasn't. But this is quite obvious.
The thing you didn't notice or know was this.
Each creature card and Weapon card had 1, 2, 3 or 4, of 4 types of attacks.
Piercing, Smashing, Transport, and Ranged.
Now the icon's for Piercing, Smashing, and Transport, were correct.
As for the Ranged Icon, it was changed.

Chaotic USA's Icon of the the Attack Type "Range".

The Actual "Range" Attack Type Icon.

#2 - The "Power Card" Images that were used on the website were not part of the Original Chaotic TG.
The Power Cards were meant to replace the Dice Cards.
The Dice Cards were little cards with Stickers that represented 1 of 6 numbers.
There are 12 sides on the dice and therefore  2 of each number sticker was placed on one of the 12 sides.
The only thing that counted as correct information, was that the 6 numbers were intervals of 5 (0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25), However there is no information and/or images to support that the number "30" counted as one of those Intervals on the 12 sided dice.

#3 - Now for the original Discipline Icons.
Now apparently Chaotic USA want us to believe that these were the original Discipline Icons.

 Well, their not.
These are the original Discipline Icons.

Now, all though these aren't really that great, i still don't see why they tried to hide the fact that the previous 4 icons were the originals.

#4 - As for the Spell Card Icon's, well there were even false info about them.
Here is the Mugic Icon of 2006(07) - 2008(09)

Now, here's the icon that Chaotic USA tried to say was the original Spell Icon.

And here is the Original Spell Card Icon.

Now i don't know how they went from there to the 7 sided icon.
But what ever floats their boat.

#5 - Location Cards and Weapon Cards, well the location cards had no logo.
Because like the "Weapon Cards", the only way you could tell them apart was by reading the words on the top or bottom of the cards art.
The words (Obviously) spelled out, "Location Card" or "Weapon Card".

#6 - The Creature cards varied from 5 different tribes.
The "OverWorlders", "UnderWorlders", "Danians", "Mipedians", and, My favorite, "The Deep Ones".
However, these cards were somewhat like the Weapon and Location cards.
They had no Icons to tell them apart.
You had to read the words at the top of the cards to tell what tribe they were from.

#7 - Now, we already know about "The Frozen".
However, there recently isn't any images of "The Frozen", however there are some small amounts of information that tells about them.
1 - On the Weapon Card "The Book Of Hinya-Iha", the description of the card specifically says: "The book belongs to the leader of "The Frozen", and in this book lies the power to use some of her powerful enchantment magic".
2 -  Blugon's flavor text in the present version of the Chaotic TCG, it says: "The Frozen - mysterious creatures who inhabit Glacier Plains - count Blügon as a friend."
So, lets see.

The Frozen's leaders name is Hinya-Iha, and is the second "Female" leader other than "Queen Illexia: The Danian Queen".
So why wasn't The Frozen mentioned on the Chaotic USA website other than in a cards flavor text?
Who knows, but what i do know, is that "The Frozen" may never make an appearance in the present TV Show and/or TCG.
Bummer huh?

Now the question i want to ask is this, If anyone,"ANYONE", has any more info or any images of "The Frozen" or their cards to please send them to me.
By using the contact links.

Thank you you wonderful viewers.
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