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Posted on June 20, 2009 at 4:59 PM

Some of you already know that i have a PDF File of the very first original Now Or Never Rule Book. This booklet contains not only rules of the game but also Images of the original site, game, Creatures, Weapons, and Locations as well as many other things related to the original chaotic.


In Febuary of 2009 i was able to get in contact with the famous Merlin P. Mann. He was involved with the Grolls & Gorks TCG as well as Chaotic: Now Or Never!. His involvement was to work on the storylines and he even helped with some of the creatures and other cards of Chaotic. The PDF File isn't up yet but it will be soon. In a few days or a little bit later. But the PDF File contains tons of information that has helped alot in finding info on the original Chaotic. Merlin P. Mann thank you so much for the PDF File.

In the booklet is the creatures of the first booster set which most were recreations of the Grolls & Gorks/ Dracco Heads 2 Creatures. But then agian this was obvious. However there were some creatures who were later recreated in later booster sets such as Wakko (Now Known As Yokkis), Dakker (Originally known as Spam), Clapper (Now Known As Klasp), and even Takinom, Chaor (original known as Gork) and MadCap (Originally known as Dum Dum).
You can see the pages of the creatures already on the Identified Creatures List page. Enjoy. Also there are images of the first original 16 Locations and the Weapon cards. Most of which resemble creatures or some part of a creature. Those can also be found on the same page closer to the bottom.  Check back regurally, because it willl be up soon.

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