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The Frozen

Posted on June 6, 2009 at 12:01 PM

For those of you who don't already know the Frozen are the original 6th Tribe in the Chaotic TCG. Their leader is a female Magician who is skilled in the works of Enchantment Magic. Her name is "Hinya-Iha". The Frozen live on top of the Icy Glacier Location (Now Known As Glacier Plains) and are very intelagent. Their closest Ally to the OverWorld in the present TCG and most likely the original TCG is Blugon. A Blue Colored Yeti-like creature who lives in the Icy Glacier (Glacier PLains) location. It has only been rumored that the original version of "Riamusa" known as Samuri  also knows about the Frozen. He lives in the lower part of the Icy Glacier (Glacier Plains) location known as "The Crystal Range". The Frozen are very stuborn and they do not side with either tribe in the Over Or UnderWorld. They think that their warrings are meaningless and unneccesary. The 2 tribes (THe UnderWorlders and UnderWorlders) have been trying to win their trust. But every atempt to get them on their side has failed. The Frozen are Fox-like creatures who are rumored to become part of the present version of Chaotic in the next booster set known as "Forged Unity". But the Shaky Alliance the Booster Sets Description mentions could be 1 and/or 2 of 2 things. That they are refering to the 4 Tribes (Danians, Mipedians, UnderWorlders, And OverWorlders) forming their Alliance so that they can stop the M'arrillians Destruction. (The M'arrillians were originally known as "The DeepOnes"). Or the Frozen are going to make an appearence. Nothing is known as of yet though. The Frozen might not make a appearence in the present Chaotic TCG but if they do most likely the leaders name and the tribes name will be changed.

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