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The original 5 Tribes

Posted on June 1, 2009 at 2:38 AM

Ok, next up are the 5 Original Tribes Of Perim. In the original 2 TCG's before Chaotic began with its new name "Chaotic Now Or Never" its origin "Grolls & Gorks" had only 2 tribes of creatures which were classified under "Groups" rather than "Tribes". The 2 groups were known as the "Grollovi" which were the OverWorlders and the "Gorkovi" which were the UnderWorlders. Once the Grolls & Gorks TCG was recreated into "Chaotic: Now Or Never!" the 2 Classifications still remained but the only difference was the names had changed. The Grollovi's name became "OverWorlders" while the name "Gorkovi" became the "UnderWorlders". For about 2 or 3 Booster sets the original 2 tribes remained as the main force of game play. But then the others showed up. In the 2nd Booster Set a OverWorld creature card called "Keylan Swiftstep" (Now known as "Guespidan") mentioned that he could see the Invisible Mipedians. This is what hinted that there would be more tribes ahead. Originally it was thought that there were no differences with the Tribes title. (Example: In the present Chaotic TCG, the tribes have their own Logo as well as their own colored card. These card colors reflect upon the creatures tribes, Yellow for the deserts the Reptilian Mipedians live in, Brown for dirt the Ant like creatures known as the Danians live in, Red for the UnderWorlders. The red reflecs upon their evilness. Blue for the OverWorlders. Obviously reflecting upon the skys and colorful OverWorld. And Black for the M'arrillians which signifies their dark past and destruction.) However in the original TCG the words printed at the top of each creature card signified the creatures tribal type. Until a couple days ago i didn't realize a difference in the Titles TEXT.

NOTE: There is a image on the Chaotic: Now Or Never! page of the Deep Ones, Mipedians, and Danians. Go to the "Chaotic - Now Or Never" Page and scroll down till you see the image.

I noticed that the Mipedians and Danians still have the same color as they do in the present tcg. The print for the word "Mipedian" is printed in yellow while the print for the "Danian" is in Brown. Now i can't actually tell but it looks like the name for the "Deep Ones" is either a fine white-blue or a light blue color, or possibly just plain white, but i can't be for sure. Also the original colors for the UnderWorlders was a Gold-ish color and the OverWorlders color was white. Now of course we can't forget the 6th tribe right? well, sorry folks, but until later, we'll have to.

NOTE: Later i will post about the Frozen.

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